Sugasm 48

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This Week’s Picks
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“Would he have the energy, the stamina, to make me come as much as I need to come?”

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“That luscious plum, that erotic ridge around it, the enticing veins tracing their way up that cock I am so engrossed in…”

The Rum Raisin Compromise (http://talktovanessa.com)
“My husband did not understand why I couldn’t live the rest of my life without the taste of a woman passing my lips."

Mr. Sugasm Himself

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It's Been A Long Time

Sometimes real life needs to be dealt with. I am able to get online and catch up, but I will get back here and post more.

Great news - I found my favorite post mentioned on Sugasm 48!Wonderful :0 I somehow feel validated. Thank you.

To the others who link here, I thank you as well. I will get back and update this blog. I am thinking of redecorating as well. You know, new fall colours, a new theme perhaps. I must get busy and start looking around.

Sie can still do it. It has been a while, however even on the phone He has me submitting and so very wet. YummY! A hint of what is to come.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....better circle the days on my calendar.

Ta for now



~~knock knock~

I have nothing to say


A session of discipline and spanking....The First

W/we had met in person but W/we spoke a lot on the phone and IM before W/We got together to take our connection to the next level. A session of discipline and spanking.

This was just over a year ago.

I liked to talk to him late at night just before going to sleep. His voice, His commands, His style intrigued me and i usually slept very well after being very aroused by Him.I so wished He could be there to tuck me in.

He was descriptive and graphic with His commands. I hooked up the web cam and it was then that i realised the extent of my submission. I had no trouble at all undressing and showing Him my body, all of it. I almost trusted Him. There was an incident which should have been a sign, but i chose to ignore it as He had so may good qualities. I wasn't sure of the difference between Masters, Doms, Tops. He may have called Himself a Master, but i see now he was more a Top with Dom tendencies.

I digress.

The plan was to meet for dinner. My instructions were clear with regard to my dress and behaviours. Denim skirt, sheer panties, pretty, cute top..and completely soft smooth all over. ;)

We chatted, ate, enjoyed some after dinner beverages and He decided it was time. i assumed the position as He sat on the edge of the bed. Hands behind my head, fingers interlaced, breasts up and put and legs apart. He explored all of me as He had promised. My hair, ears, the back of my neck and even my toes. As He started to remove my skirt, He began to run his hands over my waist and tummy. His hands were demanding and probing as He ran his hands between my legs. He was clearly pleased with my freshly, completely waxed pussy. I was to give him a detailed step by step description of the process. I had Sir intrigued.

I was very wet.

I remained in position as Sir slid my panties down to my knees and raised my top above my breasts. He liked the ritual of pulling panties down and i found that to be highly erotic. He continued the inspection, under my breasts, my nipples and as i turned around and bent over, between my cheek. I was blushing like mad, but Sir told me that naughty girls like myself needed to be examined and humiliated like this so i could fully appreciate my submission.

Sir pinched and probed and gave me a thorough examining of my freshly waxed pussy and between my cheeks.. (I am not hairy much at all but they do everything for that overall freshness)He was very pleased but ran His fingers all around my labia to be sure there wasn't even one little hair.

Sir has me bend over, lean against the wall, spread my legs further. Then He stood and started to give me the most delicious hand spanking. It hurt, it stung and it was delicious. I became wetter and pulled me over His knee.

Smack, smack smack..for a long while. I lost count around 50 as my bottom was now stinging like mad. He had me remove my panties and spread wider so He could spank my thighs, inner thighs and against my pussy.

The damn hairbrush! I had left it on the nightstand (I said i was new to this).Sir proceeded to paddle my ass and thighs. I squirmed and wiggled and He was forced to hold my hands and put His foot over my legs. I had been warned about being still or else.

Well or else happened.

Sir had me stand in the corner, I hate cornertime. My top pulled up over my sore nipples and no panties, just little socks. Did i say i hate cornertime.

Sir had me back across the bed without my top. I was on my hands and knees and He used the paddle some more them pulled out the belt. Did i say that i find leather to be yummy.

The burn. I drifted and was soaked. He alternated between his hand, still my fave, the dreaded hairbrush and the yummy leather belt. I know i was drifting.

he used the clamps on my nipples. Ouch, ow ow ow Ow. The pain went right to my clit.
I had a clit clip (quite pretty with a couple of beads on it ;)he was trying to use. Since I have an innie clit ;), i needed a bit more arousal to get her out and ready to be clip.

Sir managed to get several swats in on my pussy, a naughty pussy that needs to be spanked. I had to fight so hard to stop from cummng until He gave permission. But he spanked as I spread my legs further i felt the air on my clit and he spanked my clittie until it ached and i could barely stand it.

he took my little flogger and my vibe and put it inside me. He then used the little flogger on my nipples and pussy as the vibe drove me wild.

i was allowed to come. I was spent, exhausted and glowing. My butt was fire engine red and my thighs were close. My pussy was soft and slightly swollen.

I drifted in his arms.

This was the first real discipline session and spanking.

There were many more to come. He had an assortment of implements that W/we needed to use. The flogger, the dreaded crop and W/we still had to master the clit clip.


I WANT and NEED to be spanked

It has been a few days and I will get to blogging my thoughts, feelngs and share my limited, but very hot experiences. The weather is changing and we are slowly getting back into our routines.

It has been a while and I am feeling the need. I mean REALLY wanting and NEEDING to be spanked. I want a meaningful, no holds barred spanking. It must be the release I need.

In the meantime, I saw these in a nautical themed store this week ;)


late Saturday/Early Sunday

It's been a while, a looooong while, and I have a very nice, soft, smooth, lickable, nibbleable, spankable butt..that is very very pale.

I just love these pics. I get very fuzzy, warm thoughts/

A girl can dream can't she?

I have these from a snag site. I do not claim them as my own. If they are yours please email me. Tks


The Sex Show with Sir

We first chatted online and clicked. His style and manner was extremely seductive and i was drawn to his manner. W/we moved O/our chats to the phone. I recall our first chat, it was almost 6 hours and He had me orgasming at least 3 separate times by words alone. I was one smitten kitten for sure. I lay on the bed, naked, legs spread and following His direction. It was subbie bliss. I was anxious to learn more

We had spoken about submissives, slaves and His needs and wishes. He told me about His experiences as a Top and Spanker as well as a Dom. He was fascinated by the Gorean lifestyle, which i found over the top. A mature, sexy Dom who could teach me the fine art of submission, and keep my bottom rosy would work for me. I wanted to be a well spanked woman and submit to Him.

W/we met at a Sex and Lifestyle Show in the city. My new Friend came up to me, heldout His arm for me to hold, smiled at me and we started our tour. the first exhibit was for waxing...everything ;) i smiled as i am waxed, completely, and He knew it. The event was was large, popular and well promoted in the papers as a way to spice up your love life. He had told me what to wear...a denim skirt, knee socks (knee socks?? so i rushed out to buy some), very sheer, tight panties, a sweater with buttons , a half bra that was sheer and lacy that accentuated my breasts and also nipple clamps, OUCH!

As W/we made our way around the exhibits, i began to relax and feel comfortable with Him. There was a share of laughs and giggles at some of the sights. The sex shops, northbound Leather, hedonism trips and time shares (time shares??!!)

It was the BDSM/dungeon area that W/e kept coming back to. There were a number of clubs in the area and they shared their websites. There were Dommes dressed in full Domme-ish outfits, with their nips covered ny their business cards ;) What surprised me the most was that these were regualar people....different ages and sizes. They were in skimpy outfits with a lot of flesh showing!!which made me feel better. I am not a large plus person, but i carry a few *ahem* extra pounds and am very self conscious. I have great breasts, butt and legs but about the tummy!

We looked at the crops and canes, He liked to flick them to test the whippiness. I actually got excited at the thought of feeling a crop or flogger across my bottom...and well across other places too. I did see some rattan canes!! Yikes.....they still scare me. he pointed out the effectiveness and advantages of the different types of canes. I got a bit 'damp' at the thought.

We saw a St Andrews cross in use with a violet wand. There was a woman in her panties only, with her hands tied over her head on a frame, being lightly flogged and another bent over a spanking bench. That was the one that had me wishing, I was getting wetter and He slipped His hand under my skirt to check my very wet pussy. I blushed, became skittish and at the same time pressed myself into His hand. He threatened to sign me up to be flogged unless I behaved. Oh oh.

I found it to be very exciting and a beginning.

W/we moved on to the "stripper" lessons, basically how to remove your clothes and move your body in very suggestive moves. He has me practice the hip rotation and thrusting against Him! yes! I passed my first test ;) An A i would give myself.

Then we found a quiet, out of the way corner to have a break, something to drink and a chat. He moved a chair beside Him and patted the seat for me to sit close, very close so His hand could run along my thigh under my skirt. I was already instructed before hand that, all being well, i was to sit with my knees parted, and to sit up straight. Shoulders back and breasts out so He could admire and check out my 'form' and to see if i had complued with His directions.

He had brushed against my breasts earlier and could feel the outline of the clamps I knew that He was pleased with everything i had dome so far. it was just a metter of time before i would feel His hand, the paddle and belt across my bottom. I felt hist his fingers lightly flick back and forth along my thighs. I sat quietly, holding my breath and slightly shvering. I was clearly aroused and would have pretty much done whatever He requested right ther and then.

Sir was a gentleman. He was pleased with me thus far.

I just knew it would be happening soon.


“I do not want to be the leader.............

The quote

“I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness. I want a man lying over me, always over me. His will, his pleasure, his desire, his life, his work, his sexuality the touchstone, the command, my pivot. I don’t mind working, holding my ground intellectually, artistically; but as a woman, oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.”